Geology Exploration

Geological work with the main purpose of investigating and evaluating the potential of regional mineral resources and finding and exploring solid mineral resources; carrying out geological scientific research by using geological science theory, various effective geological exploration methods and technical methods; providing mineral exploration services for national construction, as well as mining right evaluation, reserves evaluation, engineering geological consultation, mining industry Information service, mining investment consultation, etc.?

Mining Development

On the basis of geological exploration, engaged in mine construction and mining, dressing, smelting, processing and trading of mineral products.?

Geographic Information

Through the integration, storage, retrieval and analysis of geographic data, various kinds of geographic information are generated and output to provide services for economic construction activities and administrative management such as land use, resource evaluation and management, environmental monitoring, transportation, urban planning, etc. It mainly includes survey, mapping, underground pipeline detection, related software development, etc.

Geotechnical Engineering

Find out, analyze and evaluate the geological and geographical environment and geotechnical engineering conditions of the construction site, and renovate, transform and utilize the rock and soil. Including engineering survey, geotechnical engineering investigation, design, construction, monitoring, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, disaster geological exploration, geological hazard risk assessment and geological hazard control engineering exploration, design, construction, etc.?

Environmental Governance

Engaged in equipment R & D, manufacturing, technical service and technical consultation in the fields of basic engineering, river lake dredging, mud water separation, beneficiation and comprehensive utilization of tailings, etc., and is committed to the engineering construction in the fields of sludge and river lake sludge safety disposal of urban drainage pipe network, tailings treatment and comprehensive utilization, ecological restoration of sewage and sludge and engineering mud treatment .

Intelligent Manufacturing

Engaged in the production, R & D and sales of synthetic diamond single crystal, sinter, tools, diamond saw blade matrix, frame saw blade and cemented carbide saw blade matrix.?

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